Friday, March 23, 2012

Turnip Truck Film Festival

It has been raining possums and armadillos here in Cotter. Jackson pulled out his stash of treats, nosed a box of DVDs and suggested we watch some films ... mostly modern films, you know those with great effects but no substance. While watching a car roll eighty seven times I thought of my old favorite films and decided to share - the emphasis is upon comedy. You want drama, watch    Mrs. Miniver

......." ten to twenty million, tops."    Best Drama, err Comedy Performances By an Ensemble

......." gamble along."     Best Dramatic Scene That'll Make You Smile

......." endeavor to persevere."    "Best Humorous Dramatic Scene In A Western

......." you mean I'm going to stay this color?"    Best Comedy Of All Times

......." don't touch the hair!"     Second Best Comedy Without Trying To Be ... the best comedy

......." the only musical performance by an artist."  Best Song and Trivia Question

......." Yeah!"      Best Performance For Floor Seats To Laker's Games

......." it was awful - its hands! - its eyes."    Best Horror Comedy Now, But Pee In Pants Scary When Ten

......." music and laughs, not original"        Best Laughs (not the laughtrack) in a Fly Fishing Movie

Join in - name your favorites.

Also, keep laughing!


  1. Grant,Excellent work on your selections!But the best part,to me,the brilliant work was in the order of presentation of these clips.Bravo!
    How did I 'gamble along" with the feeling that a piece on fishing would be included? Duh.
    But like dessert,you saved it for the last.

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  3. Awesome!! Loved it, Thanks for sharing..