Tuesday, January 10, 2012

More Secretive Than Area 51

"You Drive, I'm Gonna Nap For Awhile."

Snook's wiggles told me that the long drive and his naps were over and he was ready to fish.   Me too.

I wish I could say  he sniffed and pointed the way to the fly shop, but like most pilgrims, we asked for directions.   Landmarks were easy,  the Wind River on one side of the road and the Absaroka mountains on the other side. 

We were in Dubois, Wyoming.  When entering and first seeing the "Welcome To Dubois"  sign,  I started practicing my Tennessee French ….. "dieu bwoi"….."du bwa" …."doo....",  oh hell, ......... I'll just ask.

A four block run to the fly shop where the owner, easily recognizing a stranger,  said, "Welcome to….."Dew Boys."

"Thanks, so that's how you say it?"

"Yep, fools a lot of folks, yes it does." 

"I'll need a license and hopefully you'll send me and Snook here  to an out of the way stream filled with cutthroats." 

"I can do that - try a few of these attractor flies,  I suggest some bear spray, and you'll head South for a little better than five miles to Spence's sign, turn left and follow the gravel then rut road for twenty miles until you run into the East Fork.

"Spence's sign?"  

"Yep, you'll know it - Jerry Spence - that buckskin fella that was on TV all the time talking 'bout  O.J."

"Ah, that Spence."

We left with everything but the bear spray - I factored in and would be counting upon Snook's negotiating skills.  We followed directions and sure enough, we came to Spence's sign.

Spence's Sign - No Caption Necessary

I laughed, the nation's universities have too many lots of prestigious law schools where too many barristers are educated and yet here in "Dew Boys,"  hidden away is the Trial Lawyer's College,  where the skills of plea bargaining and capturing forty percent of the settlement is expertly taught.

And yes, in an place more secretive than Area 51.

We took a left turn at the Spence sign, drove twenty beautiful miles of gravel road and Snook roamed in a skinny water section of the river - no bears,  and I caught and released a few cutthroat.

Snook in the East Fork of Wind River in the Absaroka (Absorkies) Mountains

Caveat Fly Flinger - Now, with more experience fishing in bear country and having read of many tragic bear attack stories, I have learned that bears do not negotiate well, especially with dogs.  I suppose,  'cause they do not have to.  

Buy bear spray when fishing the backwoods.




  1. Jerry Spence is a true American legend. I actually met an attorney who went to that school. You gotta admit: if you're serious about trial law and love the rugged outdoor lifestyle of the mountain West, it's pretty much perfect.

    1. The ranch and Trial Lawyers College is located along some mighty fine water - an absolutely beautiful part of Wyoming.