Saturday, January 14, 2012

Tying "The Jackson"


Jackson became a traveling and fly fishing companion via my granddaughter and her birthday party held at the local animal shelter. Instead of an hour of bedlam at Chuckster Cheeseter,  my daughter asked the young celebrators to bring a bag of dog or cat food in lieu of a present to the local animal shelter. The fun?  Each kid would get an hour to play with the pet of their choice. When I heard of this my first thoughts - this party program rivaled any scam that Wall Street hedge fund traders could possibly invent.  Sub-prime mortgages, sophomoric compared to this marketing idea.

Catelyn, my granddaughter,  was granted first choice and an hour was spent with Jackson.

It seems that Jackson had quite a "ladies man" reputation within a ten mile circumference of the shelter. The previous owner paid  a $50 Animal Control fine for the first offense - rumored to be a very blond Golden Retriever with a sexy bark.  The second time caught cost his owner $100.  The third time became a "three strikes and you're out," ruling.  Jackson's owner said keep him.

Catelyn then spent the next four days - maybe it was three - convincing Poppy, that would be me, to bail Jackson out. The plea, "Poppy, I'm praying every night that you will go get Jackson,"  Evidence in the photographs - it worked.

When it came my turn for Jackson's tag and title, he came "fixed" and out the door the shelter charged $85.  Jackson came home to join three Black Labs and became Snook's intern on the Turnip Truck.

Not A True Rise - Jackson Said,  "He's Feeding On Emergers."

 He fit right in and bonded to me - some call it the "Bail Bondsman's Syndrome."  In no time he got to visit some nice rivers and quickly became the greatest trout spotter of all times - all times!  As soon as trout spotting field river trials are invented, he'll become the grand champion. Too bad he cannot pass along these unique spotting genes - I could make a fortune in stud fees not to mention the endorsement contracts from Orvis.

Ushering A Trout To The Net
 It's Time For The Net

As a tribute to Jackson, I've fashioned a fly tying recipe with the main ingredient being Jackson's chocolate hair and underfur as the fly's body dubbing.  The hair is a natural, buggy nymph brown that was collected with ease using a Furminator (shameless mention to have Jackson become the barkster for the Furminator). If, in the near future, you see a paid Furminator ad blogside, you'll know it worked.

The Furminator

The Jackson Recipe(s):

Hook -         Tiemco 2457 #12,14,16,18
                      If a purist - a barbless hook hand-filed from a '55 Chevy Bel Air hubcap.  

Thread -       Brown Uni Unwaxed 8/0
                      If a purist - dyed threads from Bibb overalls, Circa 1951. 

Bead -          Copper Colored Tungsten, sized to hook
                      If a purist - a copper BB, center drilled, see Popular Mechanics August, 1966

Ribbing -      Copper wire, sized small
                      If a purist - the center strand of copper wire from a lamp cord.

Tail -            Pheasant Tail, bunched pheasant tail fiber tips
                       If a purist - the same but secured with the opposite hand.

Dubbing -     Jackson's Furminator extracted underfur  blended with Cinnamon Ice Dubbing
                      If a purist - belly hair from a frightened mole  on a bananas only diet. 

Thorax -       Pheasant tail folded over Brown Ice Dubbing and add PT wing tips.
                      If a purist -  substitute some more frightened mole hair for ice dubbing.

When all is said and done, at the end of the day, and the truth of the matter is (political year you know) that "The Jackson" is simply a Bead Headed Pheasant Tail Nymph ... BUT dubbed with the miracle working hair of Jackson's underfur.  For this reason alone we are offering "The Jackson" for the low, low price of $19.95, plus shipping and handling. BUT! if you act today, we will include another Jackson fly for FREE - you only pay an additional shipping and handling fee.

Heh, heh,  Just  Wait'll  I Learn To Cast

If you enjoyed this little story, drop a few bucks and some feed off at your local animal shelter,  or even better, host a birthday party for little kids.  Jackson, the shelter and the little kids will love you for it - not so certain 'bout their parents, though.

If you pick up a starving dog and make him prosperous, 
he will not bite you; that is the principal 
difference between a dog and a man 
Mark Twain


  1. What a handsome looking dog...and fly! I make a regular habit of tying with my dog Banjo's hair. Free dubbing! Can't beat that! :) Cheers, and all the best in your travels...

    1. Thanks Erin... we can effect a trade. Banjo looks like he(an assumption) could supply some Pale Morning dubbing and Jackson can be the Brown Drake man.

  2. I think I will drop a couple dead presidents at your suggestion, maybe even a jackson, im not sure which one of you came out better on this arrangement-

  3. Jackson doesn't know what to say - money for fur is new to him. Send a donation to your local animal shelter and we'll send you a couple. Thanks for the nod.